With audacity one can undertake anything, but not do everything.
— Napoleon

Venture engineering

We met so many entrepreneurs, innovators, and philanthropists that wanted to launch a new venture but did not have the skills to build everything that they needed to do their work, that's where Incendium comes in. From the ground up we will design and build your venture, from filing documents to starting operations, so that you can wear one hat: your own.


Your journey with Incendium starts with a preliminary consultation. From there we will create a proposal of how to move forward with steps tailored to your endeavor and goals. It is critical to us that you are satisfied with our results, we thrive on building and continuing relationships with people, if you're ready for partners to help you succeed contact us.



Anything you need to launch is within our scope. We have formed LLCs, opened bank accounts, created websites, found investors, and much more for our clients. Incendium's project management will be a value-add that you won't know how you ever lived without.


One of the specialties we are most proud of is our integration ability. When you want your website connected to your bank, your phone to buzz when a new order is in, or an automated scheduling program attached to your calendar: look no further than Incendium's venture engineering.